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User engagement matters most for any types of Website. Its good when people in our site, comment , like and share contents. More engagement in website also means your website is being more relevant. Adding Something that engages more people in website is comment, like and share , but do you every wonder how to add reactions like Facebook in WordPress ?

Adding reactions like Facebook i your website helps you understand how people feel reading your posts or items in your website when they react to your posts. Probably, reactions is best way to understand peoples expression. You can add reaction to your WordPress website without have coding knowledge too. You can add this reaction using WordPress Plugin which is available free on . I have seen two plugins recently available for free on , they are

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1. DW Reactions

Dw reaction is one of the most used WordPress reaction plugin . DW Reactions  Plugins adds new handy feature like Facebook that allows people to express many more feelings on each blog post along with like button. All the expressive features of the plugin are listed below:

  1. Great User Eperience
  2. Flexible to use
  3. Supports short codes and PHP Functions.


Demo / Download DW Reactions 


2. React & Share – Reaction Buttons and Insights



React & Share – Reaction Buttons is another best way to Get feedback. You can start using reactions instantly with easy-to-install reaction buttons! It is said, you can get over 30 times more feedback than you get with regular comments.

If you are WordPress beginner and want to install reactions in your website, go to your WordPress Dashboard, Go to plugins and click on Add new. Here you search for name of plugin (Copy plugins name from article above ) and click on install, then activate your plugin. Plugin should start working , good luck 🙂 Let me know if you have any questions.

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