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Yesterday, One client from Germany contacted me to help him add a Google Map in his website. He wanted to show circle radius within 110 Km around his office location. As he offers car disposal service for free to people around 110 Km location. So, It was an important Adding Google Map with radius circle around the location to him.

I started to Google that could help me do that and found lots of services that offers radius,the first was an obedience radius plugin.

Check : Obeattie’s Google map with radius

I was happy to find it, because it was what I was searching for. Just entered location and trend embedding the location, Ohhh! No way, I can’t embed location using this service. It generates one URL, I tried to open that URL in another tab and it shows blank! This plugin is just for measuring distance from center or any location.

I found, Adding Google Map with radius circle around the location would be somehow hard. I tried another tool by FREE MAP TOOLS, that works fine like previous and also gave me embed code.

I copied the embed code and placed it on my site. Holy Cow ! It embeds me image and it comes with 500*600 default size.

I tried another service from Map Developers  it was too good, but can’t embed the code to my site.


Finally,  I tried searching some plugins. I found WP Google Map pro that has a feature to add a map with locations. I downloaded the map plugin from Envato, Installed it and – Add New Map, I choose location and like always dropped the radius. Thanks for the lifesaver plugin , developer.


If you are too searching to Add Google a Map with radius circle around the location, just go directly and do this or suggest if you have any other idea to embed map without plugin please suggest.


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